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We prepare taxes remotely throughout the nation and all required states. We specialize in individual and small business income tax filing.


Filing taxes is one of the most important tasks you will do for most of your life. It’s imperative that you are organized to avoid making costly mistakes. With new tax laws and guidelines, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you can and cannot do. We understand the confusion and our experienced tax professionals are here to help.

We have designed an easy 3 step process to make filing your taxes as stress free as possible.

  1. Answer a few questions on the questionnaire below.
  2. Upload your documents via our secure client portal or make an appointment to drop off your forms at our office.
  3. Review and sign. That’s all it takes! 

When you are ready to file? Tap the “2023 Questionnaire” button below.  You may also visit our Services page to view our products and pricing.       

We are honored for being voted as one of Philadelphia’s top 10 Tax preparation firms of 2021-’23, by For over 25 years we have served residents throughout Pennsylvania and nationwide. So… Welcome! If you’re a returning client, welcome back!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          




What to expect: 

The IRS has hired thousands of customer service reps to handle your tax questions and needs. Despite their best effort they are still overwhelmed, and processing returns may be delayed for some. It is highly recommended that you provide verifiable info and all taxable income to avoid a hold on your return. Please DO NOT call our office for a refund status. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any additional information from what’s on the website. For your refund status please visit “Where’s My Refund”

  1. After you have gathered your forms, select a “Questionnaire” below for the tax year you are filing. (Returning clients must also complete the questionnaire)
  2. After completing the questionnaire, returning clients can upload documents using their existing Share-file account
  3. After completing the questionnaire, new clients will be given access to create a share-file account, via our secure client portal.
  4. We will promptly prepare your return and follow up with you via email or phone.
  5. Processing times may vary. A return without complications will be complete within 24 hrs.
  6. If you are self-employed, please complete the “Business Expense” worksheet.

Now let’s get started!


Document Uploads

NOTE: All filers must complete the questionnaire before your return can be prepared.        

Interested in dropping off your forms?

To speed up the drop off process, complete the questionnaire for the year you are filing and schedule your drop off appointment within the questionnaire.

If you’re not computer savvy, print and fill out a “drop off” form and stop by the office during our drop hours: Saturdays ONLY 10-3:30p, beginning February 17, 2024.

**Processing times may vary. A return without complications will be complete within 24-48 hrs.




What you need before you begin, for 2021 and earlier:

  • Advance child tax credit total payment amount for 2021 (if applicable)
  • 2021 3rd Stimulus amount only. (Not 2020)
  • Unemployment form 1099-G (if applicable)
  • W2’s and other taxable income statements
  • Charitable contributions
  • 2019 Return (New clients only)
  • Childcare and dependent care (name, address, tax ID)
  • Union dues: Local name and total amount
  • Unreimbursed job expenses (2017 and earlier)
  • To report business expenses, complete the “Business Expense Worksheet”



Advance Child Tax Credit Payments for 2021 filers

If you received Advance Child Tax Credit payments in 2021, it is recommended that you have the total amount of payments before filing. This amount can be found on the IRS letter 6419 mailed to you in recent months. If you do not have the letter visit the IRS website below to get your total amount. To check the amount of your ACTC payments, contact the IRS Advance Child Tax credit payment Hotline: 1-800-908-4184.


“Advance Child Tax Credit Payments in 2021”: Find details about the advance Child Tax Credit payments including: payment totals, how to get them or stop getting them.


Get your stimulus payment amounts, for 2020 and 2021 filers.

For information about the 2021 Stimulus payment, contact the IRS Economic Impact Payment Hotline: 1-800-919-9835 or visit “”: To create an account and view your payment. 





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*Fast Cash Advance is an optional tax-refund related loan provided by First Century Bank, N.A., member FDIC (it is not the actual tax refund) and is available at participating locations. The amount of the loan will be deducted from tax refunds and reduce the amount that is paid directly to the taxpayer from the refund. Fees for other optional products or product features may apply and will be disclosed at the time of application. Tax returns may be filed electronically without applying for this loan. Loans are offered in amounts of $500 and $1,000 and are offered upon IRS acknowledgment of the tax return. All loans have an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 0%. For example, for a loan of $1,000 with a repayment period of 30 days, the total amount payable in a single payment is $1,000.00. Not all consumers will qualify for a loan or for the maximum loan amount. Offer and terms subject to change at any time without prior notice.


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